Top 10 Study Tips

With my June Exams right around the corner (next week), I thought I’d share some of the study tips I live by.

(Disclaimer: I am a science student, have been all my life, so most of the examples and pictures are science-y related but these are general tips and will work no matter what subject you’re studying.)

Anyways, let’s begin:

Study Tip #1Start studying early. Try planning your study schedule around your class and lecture timetable. Create a study timetable and planner two weeks before your exams begin. This makes it easier for you and you won’t have to pull all-nighters the night before your exam to cram everything.

STUDY PLANNER Study Planner Example. You can get more of these from

Study Tip #2Do not study for long periods at a time. Take short breaks. Example, If you’re studying for 1 hour, take a  10 minute break. If you’re studying for 2 hours, take a 20 minute break. Be careful, avoid studying for longer than 3 hours at a time. Your brain will tire and you won’t be able to retain the information you’re studying.

Study Tip #3: Use a note-taking style that works best for you such as, mindmaps, flashcards, etc when studying. I like to think of myself as more left-brain dominant so mindmaps and drawings never really worked for me. I always wrote lengthy summaries in bullet point form but I’ve had to adjust my study techniques this year as most of my work is based on drawings and pictures. Redraw diagrams or drawings and paste them up on your room wall or somewhere in your house, you pass often. I did this when I had to learn my Arabic vocabulary in high school and it worked like a bomb.


Study Tip #4: Try reading through your notes every day after class or lectures. This makes studying that topic easier as you’re already familiar with what you’re studying. If you have lecture slides, print them out before your lecture and make notes on them. This will save time as most lecturers repeat what’s written on their slides and you’ll be able to concentrate more instead of trying to write down everything your lecturer is saying.

NOTES .jpeg

Study Tip #5: Study somewhere you feel comfortable but not in your bed. You’ll be tempted to lie down and take a nap. Try studying at a desk. This will give you the exam room feeling and you’ll be able to concentrate more.

Study Tip #6: Start studying the things you find most difficult first.

Study Tip #7: Figure out what time of the day works best for you and study majority of your work at that time. I love studying at night as I’m calmer and retain more of the information than studying during the day. Even though I don’t like studying during the day, I usually revise whatever I studied the night before so that I remember the work I studied.

Study Tip #8: Reward yourself with a treat after studying, whether it’s a chocolate, hot bath or just an episode of your favourite TV show. This gives you the motivation to study.

Study Tip #9: We live in the age where technology is our best friend. Don’t be afraid to use the internet, youtube or various apps to help your study. I recently downloaded simulation apps to help me learn the different bones and muscles in the body, Essential Skeleton 3D and Muscles 3D. YouTube videos also help when you’re struggling to understand a certain topic or subject. I live by Khan Academy videos. Their videos are very detailed but also explain things in the simplest and easiest way to understand.

Study Tip #10: Last but not least, have a positive mindset. I know it can be very difficult when you have mountains of work to study but keep telling yourself that you can do it. One bad grade does not mean that you’re unable to pass that subject or class, YOU CAN DO IT.  INVICTUS QUOTE

Don’t forget to pray or make dua before and after you study. You can’t do anything without the help of God/Allah.

Here are some of my favourite prayers/duas to make:


Good Luck to everyone starting exams and tests.



(Images via Pinterest and myself) 

(Apps were downloaded via Google Playstore)

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