First blog post


Hello, everyone.

It took me about an hour to come up with the perfect opening line to this post.

This blog has been something I’ve been working on, for years, and I’m finally confident enough to publish it. It’s somewhat scary starting a blog, especially when you’re not sure what path your blog will take or what specific content you’ll publish on your blog. I’ve always wondered how my favourite bloggers started their blogging journeys. Did they wake up one morning, decide to start a blog and then immediately sit and start it or did they take months to plan, strategise and work up the courage to start? Were they afraid of what people would say or were they expecting a challenge? Did they think it through or just go with the flow?

When I decided to start a blog, the idea scared me. I’ve always been a very private and quiet person, an introvert if I must say. What on earth would I write about? I hardly do anything, besides study and watch Youtube videos. But then it hit me, when Isaac Newton sat under the tree did he know he was going to be struck by an apple which would ultimately lead him to discover¬†gravity or when Ivan Pavlov started his, now famous, dog experiment, did he know he would eventually become a very important theorist in the psychology field?

No, I don’t think either of them knew the impact their work would have on the world. So, why am I so afraid to type a few words on a computer to share my thoughts with everyone to see?

So, here I am, overcoming one of my fears.


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